• Two burritos, fries on the side
  • Nuggets, white dip, cocktail on the side
  • Burger and fries
  • Dessert, cream on the side
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About us

It all started as a backyard BBQ convo between a few friends. Double Schotts comes from deep community roots and a need to serve our neighborhood. Together, Austin, JP, Katie, and James have decades of experience navigating the industry and a desire to create a New Braunfels bar like no other. After spending years working for big corporations, Austin was ready to devote his talent to his own ideas. His persistence and friendly persuasion eventually convinced his friends to create something for themselves. The group grew up in New Braunfels and saw a need for a higher-end sports bar that catered to locals. They know what their ideal customers want because they are their ideal customers. They curated a space they could picture spending hours in, watching sports with friends and family. The foursome of friends has given their blood, sweat, and tears to develop a plan and set up the perfect New Braunfels bar with delicious dishes that create a unique dining experience. They believe Double Schotts is the perfect addition to the community they love so much, and they look forward to serving you.